An Office is a set of Prayers.

The Mercy Offices, Strength Offices, the Peace of Mind Offices and The Rule #62 Offices are 1621 prayers, written over a five years period, to discover how to recover from twenty two addictions; some known and common, some obscure and some currently unknown.

They are chronological in their creation and publishing, but, topically, they are organized around the line that always intrigued me from The Gospel of John 3:8:

“The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” So do not expect a linear academic exposition…Cause it ain’t going to happen.

Technically, the model was from Mark Twain’s line in his three volume Autobiography “Start at no particular time, wander at free will, talk only about what interests you, drop it, and turn upon new things.”

These books were how my Higher Power, which I have a right as a 12 stepper to choose, revealed the way for me to heal from those twenty two addictions during those five years.

If you, too, want to “Acknowledge God in all your ways”, my hope is that these writings will be useful to you.

Steve D.

1. My story: 32 years of sexual sobriety

2. Chastity Offices

3. Mercy Offices

4. Strength Offices I

5. Strength Offices II

6. Strength Offices III

7. Peace of Mind Offices I

8. Peace of Mind Offices II

9. Rule #62 Offices

10. Step work

11. What if there were a cure for addiction?

12. Food Addiction Recovery

13. More Food Addiction Recovery

14.  Coupleship Prayers

14.  Chastity Offices 2