Instead of asking for donations at every meeting, as 12 step groups do, we ask you to contribute in November and May.

As a digital website PrayerCall has expenses for:

GoTotoMeeting subscription
Website hosting and Domain registration
Computer costs, including maintenance and insurance
Daily website management

Legal fees

As Bill Wilson said in 1957, “A.A. as a whole will not function unless our services are sufficient and our bills are paid.” 

We ask people to contribute $75-$100. If you do the math that’s under 10 cents a meeting.

If you feel like you are getting more than a dime’s worth of spirituality on the calls, you are welcome to contribute Debtors Anonymous says,  “Never say no to money”.

On the other hand, if you have no money, do not worry about it. We do this work as a service, not for profit, and we are always glad to hear your voice. Just come to the meetings and get as recovered as you can get...

How to contribute to Our Fellowship:

You can contribute securely online in four ways:


You can use PayPal:

PayPal  (Click this hyperlink and it will take you to Paypal)


You can use Zelle:

Zelle (You only need our U.S. mobile number or email address - your bank information remains private.)


You can use Cash App:

Cash App
$ActWithCourage, or


You can use Venmo:

@Prayercall, or


Finally, old school, you can mail in a contribution (Check) to:

Steve Dukes
2185 Bay Street, #24
San Francisco, California


You can even set up a regular monthly electronic contributions via your bank (U.S. Banks Only)
Call me at 415-515-5710 for banking details...


Again, if money is challenging for you, keep it. Just keep coming back...

Steve D.