When it comes to singing I"m like the Christian Church, "it doesn’t matter if you’re gifted, just sing....and don’t expect Barbra Streisand".

One of my students was Charles Brewer, the founder and former CEO of Mindspring.com. When I met Charles I wasn't sure he could afford to study with me, and I told him so.

So, he made $40,000,000 dollars and called me back. I invited him to study bass with me and we premiered this music at Eddie's Attic where the Indigo Girls got started. Before we went on that night Charles, looking a bit apprehensive, said “Steve, it's hard to imagine an idea with universally less appeal than this”.


Tell the Truth - is a funky blues shout about beliefs and exaltation around chastity. It’s my personal favorite of these seven tunes..

Let Freedom Ring - is a happy song, metrically, and is a tale about my childhood, youth, and the gift of my daughter.

I'm Done - an R&B celebration to all the freedom I have enjoyed from surrendering various crazy things!

Chastity - is a joyous, soft rock exposition of the gifts that folks who intentionally choose chastity receive.

It Ain't About - is my daughter's favorite tune about Holiness. I particularly love the bridge, "You know that I ain't gonna stop, until it's got me broken, down on my knees, until it’s got me down on my knees".