Chastity Office #1


We all think you’re up there in the sky, watching everything we do, hoping you are feeling merciful.

We all think you have given us life and, on a good day, we try to be grateful.

If you could just give me a nudge, from time to time, to lighten up and not “take myself too damned seriously” I sho’ would appreciate it.



Chastity Office #2

Even if you are not masturbating, using porn or cheating on your wife.

Even if you are perfectly celibate.

Even if objectification, fantasy and intrigue are pretty much at absolute zero in your life…

There is still sexual desire…

The AA 12x12 says:

“It is nowhere evident, at least in this life, that our Creator expects us fully to eliminate our instinctual drives.  So far as we know, it is nowhere on the record that God has completely removed from any human being all his natural drives.”

So that natural drive is going to stay…

How do we keep it from turning from desire to obsession?

Gandhi has a thought:

“I found that complete control of the palate made the observance of the vow of chastity very easy.”

SLAA also has a positive suggestion:
“Some of us took up jogging, or other exercises that required greater physical effort. These helped to provide a physical sensation of tiredness which could fill the void left by the absence of sexual release, or even replace it.”

So, they say complete control of my food and greater physical exercise, both help.


Chastity Office #3

Objectification and fantasy take people out of the world of shrieking toddlers, the fierce competition for money, the disappointments in love, the frustrations at work, and the self-dissipation of the body.

But, it also takes us out of the glory of our children's smiles, the warmth of our safe friends, the love flowing from service, and the knowable presence of God.

It’s a two edged sword.

Help keep us chaste, Higher Power, please.

Chastity Office #4

Objectification, Intrigue and Fantasy are not your will for me.

Masturbation and affairs are never your will for me.

Sex, love, romance and relationship are not your will for me…today.

Your will for me, today, is to be happy, joyous and free.

Objectification, Intrigue, Fantasy, Masturbation and Affairs always make me suffer.

Sex, love, romance and relationship, if it is your will, and if I do it your way, are just fine.

But calling addicts, going to meetings and writing literature makes me happy, joyous and free…always, everyday.

Chastity Office #5

While in conflict, my need for safety, my need for love-and-belonging and my need for esteem-of-others is not met by the other person, because they are too busy protecting themselves.

To make up for that deficit of love from the other person, I can love choosing finite chastity.


Chastity Office #6

I surrender sex, love, romance and relationship, just for today.

I will use my sexual energy to serve others and take care of myself in an "enlightened self-interest" sort of way.

I will meditate and try to ascertain God's will for me.

I will not take myself too damned seriously.


Chastity Office #7

Intrigue is any conversation, look, or body language that would convey sexual interest in another person.

There is a time for that: When dating an appropriate person or starting to engage romantically with a committed partner.

Women always sense intrigue, instantly, as describe it as “It feels weird around him”, otherwise.


Keep me perfectly pure, in both my words and my thoughts.