We know how he feels. We have shared his honest doubt and prejudice.

We found that as soon as were able to lay aside prejudiced…we commenced to get results.

Do not let any prejudice you may have against spiritual terms deter you from honestly asking yourself what they mean to you.

…we often found ourselves handicapped by obstinacy, sensitiveness and unreasoning prejudice.

We hope no one else will be prejudiced for as long as some of us were.

We…beg you to lay aside prejudice, even against organized religion.

If our testimony helps sweep away prejudice…then you can join us on the Broad Highway

On Reason:

It finally beat us into a state of reasonableness.

The reader may still ask why he should believe in a Power greater than himself . We think there are good reasons

...it is impossible to explain what we see, feel, direct, and use, without a reasonable assumption as a starting point.

Actually, we used to have no reasonable  conception whatsoever.

...people are able to say that the Presence of God is today the most important fact of their lives. They present a powerful reason why one should have faith.

Almost everyone knows the reason

Are not some of us just as biased and unreasonable about  the realm of spirit as were the ancients about the realm of the material?

We agnostically inclined would not feel satisfied with a proposal which is not lend itself to reasonable approach and interpretation.

Hence we are at pains us to tell why we think our present faith is reasonable.

Some of us had already walked far over the Bridge of Reason toward the desired shore of faith.

We were grateful that Reason had brought us so far.

Perhaps we been leaning too heavily on Reason that last mile and we did not like to lose our support.

Yes, we have been faithful, abjectly faithful to the God of Reason.

How much did these feelings, these loves, these worships, have to do with pure reason?

Imagine life without faith! We're nothing left but pure reason, it wouldn't be life.

Hence, we saw that reason isn't everything.

Neither is a reason, as most of us use it, entirely dependable, though it emanate from our best minds.

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