Chastity Office #1

“Without a vision my people perish”.
Proverbs 29:18

Here is the very unpalatable truth…I have been given a vision.

I have been teaching it to others.

I cannot abandon it. I must learn to live with it.

It will require everything I have learned thus far…

Chastity Office #2

While most people come on this site for sex addiction recovery, the truth is that “Addiction is the disease that migrates”.

So, we are prepared for 22 addictions…for however your particular constellation of addictions may appear:

The Four Basics:

  1. Drinking
  2. Drugs
  3. Smoking
  4. Caffeine

The Seven Types of SLRR (Sex, Love, Romance and Relationship)

  1. Masturbation or Affairs
  2. Love
  3. Romance
  4. Relationship
  5. Al-anon
  6. Anon-anonism
  7. Sexaholism

The Four types of Money Recoveries

  1. Debt
  2. Workaholism
  3. Underearning
  4. Gambling

The Four Types of Self-Relationships

  1. ACA
  2. Codependency
  3. Victimhood
  4. Narcissism

The most abstruse recovery

  1. Artistic preoccupations

The most recent discovery

  1. Media addiction

The most obvious, but yet denial ridden, recovery

  1. Fat

Chastity Office #3

I will:

Laugh at myself

Believe that I will get better

Trust God

Serve others

Have a positive attitude


Forgive myself


Read spiritual literature


Forgive others

Manage my money


Do nothing

Have fun

Be aware of my food

Be conscious of my sexual choices

Announce limits

Grieve losses

Set boundaries

Accept reality

Feel my feelings

Meet my needs

Be self-restrained

Enjoy my choices

Share with others



Practice self-discipline


Chastity Office #4


In order to stay chaste today help me to love myself today.

Specifically, help me to:

  • Stay in touch with my feelings
  • Set boundaries with those who are harmful
  • Announce limits so as not to harm myself
  • Keep myself emotionally healthy by meeting my needs for:
    • Safety
    • Love and belonging
    • Esteem of others
    • Self-esteem

To fully actualize myself, help me meet my needs for

  • Near constant Prayer
  • Self-transcendence through Service
  • Spirituality through connectedness, originally with God, then others, and finally, lastingly and constantly, with myself
  • Contentment through realization of my highest, realistically attainable goal
  • Creativity through creating beauty for the joy of it
  • Peace of mind through knowing my soul

Chastity Office #5

The Ten Points:

1. Completely giving ourselves to this simple Program;

2. Practicing rigorous honesty;

3. Being willing to go to any lengths to recover;

4. Realizing that there is no easier, softer way;

5. Being fearless and thorough in our practice of the principles;

6. Letting go of our old ideas absolutely;

7. Recognizing that half measures will not work;

8. Asking God’s protection and care with complete abandon;

9. Being willing to grow along spiritual lines;

10. Accepting the following pertinent ideas as proved by All Addicts Anonymous experience:

(a) that you cannot manage your own life;

(b) that probably no human power can restore you to sanity;

(c) that God can and will if sought.